Saturday, December 31, 2011


There was once I clerked a patient for a case report. The patient was retarded and aged 40+. (So, I didn't clerked her, her family instead). Her activities of daily living was dependent 99% to her mother. The mother, being old and having to take care of her daughter -instead of the other way around-, was always there for her daughter. She complained of body aches from her continuous sitting and sleeping while sitting up. Pity her.
She sacrificed a lot for her daughter. She bathed her, fed her and everything must be under supervision. For 40 years! She must be well-rewarded for her contribution and commitment.

On her last day in the hospital, I asked the mother;
I: Makcik, selalu solat kat mana?
Makcik: Em.. Tak solatlah. Takde tempat nak solat.
I: OMG. Berdosa tau.. (just kidding) --> Eh. Ada makcik. Ada surau staf kat sini. Kat tingkat 1 pun ada.
Makcik: [tidak memberi respon]

I pity her more for that. 

I feel sad.
Her contribution towards human and God were not balance. Unequal.
I feel bad not asking the question earlier. She might change her mind if she knows there's a place to solat.
(anyway, this is Malaysia we're talking about. Insya allah, there is always a site/place to solat in a complex building.)

All in all. We must put the importance of solat FIRST in everything we do.
And not only us, we should always remind others too; mother, father, siblings, friends, etc.
We don't want growing old and have this habit of setting up solat in the latter list.
Be fair to ourselves.
Don't burn ourselves in hell for free yeah?

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