Friday, June 19, 2009

Love At First Sight...

For quite long, I nvr really believe in 'love at the first sight'.
How is it possible?

U run into someone, u look him..or the eyes.. and u fell for them..

I strongly believe that love should be based on personality or the attitude that is beautiful.

So, my thought is, how can u love someone just by looking into their eyes..or nose..or lips..or watsoever..
If u love what u see..Just take..the nose..the eyes..and put them into your purse..

It's not fair to judge people by its 'cover'..
The word 'cover' itself has a quite discreet meaning..
Cover: put something on top of or in front of (something) in order to protect or conceal it

To conceal it? That is too obvious kann..

The thing that they actually love is the physical part of the person.
Or the smile that is shining from the perfect white teeth..
Or the way the plumpy lips moving when they talk..
Or that eyes that blink with the batting eyelashes..

As a dot, the word LOVE is actually more likely an ATTRACTION..
Don't misjudge them..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tagged by Tety.. Again.. hehe.. A-Z questions.

Answer these A-Z questions with 4 answers.
Then, tag as many friends as you can and see how they coloured their life with 4 lines of word/s.
Tried it now !!!

[A] 4 names people call you :
1. iqah
2. sheqa
3. sheq
4. shafiqah

[B] 4 places you have lived :
1. johor bahru!!
2. kluang, johor
3. tangkak, muar, johor
4. bandung, indonesia

[C] 4 jobs you have had in your life :
1. Kitchen helper
2. tukang tidur
3. pengawas sekolah. heeee
4. blogger

[D] 4 movies you could watch over and over :
1. the pursuit of happyness
2. 50 first dates
3. Just like heaven
4. ape2 la yg aku da lupa

[E] 4 TV shows you love to watch :
1. House!
2. Ugly Betty
3. Desperate Housewives
4. CSI

[F] 4 places you have been on vacation :
1. Medan
2. Brunei
3. Jogjakarta
4. Pulau Pangkor

[G] 4 websites you visit daily (or semi-weekly) :
1. facebook
2. myspace
3. friendster
4. yahoo

[H] 4 of your favourite foods :
1. puding custard
2. asam pedas ikan sembilang
3. ape2 la mak masak
4. roti jala. haha

[I] 4 things you are allergic to :
1. metal or nickel!
2. cocoa butter kat lip balm mybe.
3. lelaki gatal buaya darat mcm nk kena sepak
4. asap rokok indonesia

[J] 4 of your siblings names (if you have any) :
1. siti
2. shuhadah
3. samihah
4. shafiqah!!

[K] 4 places you would love to travel to :
1. Italy..!
2. Mekah
3. Greece
4. Paris

[L] 4 of your pets :
1. Buta@Rontok..kucing yg mandul
2. Jambul..a beruk
3. Budak..mak kucing
4. Bengong..kucing yg kesian

[M] 4 things you want for your birthday/Christmas this year :
1. watch
2. rakan taulan saudara saudari cikebum cikebum
3. big money!!
4. duuhhh.. a better brain. ngee

[N] 4 names of your close friends :
1. ejan
2. atiq
3. akmal. yekkkk..hahaahhahaahha
4. aj..mana2 aj pn bole

[O] 4 titles of your best break-up song :
1. potential break up song-ally & aj
2. take a bow-rihanna
3. so what-pink
4. get out, leave-jojo

[P] 4 things that you hate the most :
1. panas
2. litter!! and those who litter!
3. org tk buka pintu bila aku ketuk. mcm aku ni doorman pulak.
4. result exam kuar!! hahahahah

[Q] 4 things you purchased in last 44 hours :
1. beli duit rupiah kt money changer
2. eye shadow elianto
3. nasi beriani tapi mak bayar
4. rhsia

[R] 4 names of medication pills you consumed :
1. b-complex
2. panadol
3. dhamotil
4. pil chi kit teck aun fadz

[S] 4 favourite subjects in school/college :
1. english
2. reproductive systems. yo yo oo..
3. maths
4. rehat

[T] 4 favourite names for a girl :
1. shafiqah..hehehehe
2. yg ade huruf r in the middle
3. ntah la
4. mlas nk pikir

[U] 4 favourite names for a boy :
1. haikal
2. yg ade huruf q kat tgh2
3. muhammad
4. no idea

[V] 4 closest PURPLE objects :
1. bantal kak mia
2. tia amelia kak mia
3. baju kak mia
4. lady speed stick kak mia..

[W] 4 superheroes/characters that you really adore :
1. batman
2. x-men characters
3. house
4. galileo

[X] 4 things you are wearing now :
1. ring
2. bracelet
3. baju tidur batik jogja mama ckp tk cantik@buruk
4. sepit rmbut

[Y] 4 words to describe yourself :
1. gembira
2. tenang@kurang perasaan
3. malas nk mmpos.. mak pn jd stress
4. pendek dan pipi tembam

[Z] 4 favourite pictures (paste and describe it) :

..>>..colorly aleeya!!..<<..

..>>..happy nephew & niece..<<..


..>>..ammer luv cu!..<<..