Saturday, October 16, 2010

Out of Blue

Since I rarely update my blog.
And since exam is just right there before my eyes..
This is a super wrong time to update this glittery thing of mine. 

So I woke up at 2 a.m (WIB) with high determination for OSOCA preparation or should I say,
U know where I ended up 

So I came across to one of my loooooong farrrr relative's blog. 
It doesn't story much
More of her thoughts

And then it crossed my mind
One of the reason I didn't bother to think what to write in here
Is because I think too much!

What if this aunt of mine read this or that
What if my 'so-the-very-kepoh sister' catch on this
(which she always did kan Kak Iti??)

Sometimes your posts are meant to be read by someone else
And we hope that none of our teachers or lecturers read them
And reading back my previous posts, some of them are so not cooool to be read by those we respected or look up to or we... you get it or not? difficult la to explain
But isn't that the purpose of having a blog?
Nonsense la aku ni. 

Oh ye. 
 I heard that one of my cousin's relative
Post something in her blog about her mother.
Well. A bad one.
Rumor has it !
One of the you-never-thought-would-read cousin found it!
And people are talking!
Maybe she told her friends about her mother
It was just her thoughts
But when one of the family read that..
Not cool..
So not cool..

Like this 'Beriman' post.
It is totally decent. 
And it was my thought
And my mother's thought
But I will totally (not totally la, sikit2 je) freak out if one of my uncles read that
Embarrassing tak?
Ke aku sorang je yg paranoid. 
Am I?
Hehe. Like mother like daughter..
(Ok.. Mak please don't read this.  You are not paranoid, you are just overprotective)

OK. Jgn mengumpat mak sendiri. Bahaya. 
Nak exam.
Wish me luck.
Bai Bai

Dah subuh! 
Maybe I should post something about "How to Use Your Time Wisely"