Saturday, December 31, 2011


There was once I clerked a patient for a case report. The patient was retarded and aged 40+. (So, I didn't clerked her, her family instead). Her activities of daily living was dependent 99% to her mother. The mother, being old and having to take care of her daughter -instead of the other way around-, was always there for her daughter. She complained of body aches from her continuous sitting and sleeping while sitting up. Pity her.
She sacrificed a lot for her daughter. She bathed her, fed her and everything must be under supervision. For 40 years! She must be well-rewarded for her contribution and commitment.

On her last day in the hospital, I asked the mother;
I: Makcik, selalu solat kat mana?
Makcik: Em.. Tak solatlah. Takde tempat nak solat.
I: OMG. Berdosa tau.. (just kidding) --> Eh. Ada makcik. Ada surau staf kat sini. Kat tingkat 1 pun ada.
Makcik: [tidak memberi respon]

I pity her more for that. 

I feel sad.
Her contribution towards human and God were not balance. Unequal.
I feel bad not asking the question earlier. She might change her mind if she knows there's a place to solat.
(anyway, this is Malaysia we're talking about. Insya allah, there is always a site/place to solat in a complex building.)

All in all. We must put the importance of solat FIRST in everything we do.
And not only us, we should always remind others too; mother, father, siblings, friends, etc.
We don't want growing old and have this habit of setting up solat in the latter list.
Be fair to ourselves.
Don't burn ourselves in hell for free yeah?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Saying The Right Things.

Salam and hye.
How do you know if all these while you were saying the right things to people around you?
Your responds, your comments, your jokes.
How do you know if those things coming from your mouth are not hurtful, not insensitive?
Being a good man doesn't only mean having a good relationship with God. But also with human beings too. Some might say recklessly and harsh words with intention. That will be a different story.
For us to speak, use one of the various functions of our brain: THINK.
Practice yourself to speak delicately, graciously and more importantly, with empathy.
Don't say something you don't want somebody else says to you.
Yes. Truth hurts. But find a way to make it less painful. 
Well, do some reflection for yourself. You might start with asking opinions from your friends on your talking and babbling.
Good luck in saying the right things at the right time.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Opinion Opinion

Long time.
Talking about opinions, I have mine, you have yours.
Opinions are not facts. They remain as opinions unless proven otherwise.
So, your opinion or mine does not always has to be right.
We should learn to agree to disagree.
Unless it affects you and whatever that concerns you, just be calm and move on.
If it's really important, fight for it.
If it's not, let it go.
Shame on you if you think everyone else is dumber because they are different from you.
Opinion opinion.
What's your opinion about me?
Until then.