Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Dearie Ammer

Another family member's birthday.
But this time, he won't be able to read the post.
Not until he least 5 or 6 years old maybe.
And that's gonna take 2-3 years.
And I don't know whether this blog is available at that moment.

And HE is my beloved one and only (for now) nephew.
Happy 3rd Birthday.
You just 3. How boring.

Ammer my nephew who always kinda confused between me & my sister.
Who often smells air liur basi or air tuak as my dad would call it.
You are sort of cute when you were speechless (meaning: belum tau ckp lg).
Now.. yeah. You look like US. The Abdullah's..You are adorable though.

But no matter what, I will always love you, darling.
You are somewhat stubborn enough. Just like your mother. I won't blame you. Hehe.
Well dear, with you born, you brought quite a happiness & brightness & light and anything shiny.
But you gonna have to share the limelight with your sister, Aleeyah. 
Who don't bother anything else other than breastfeed.  
Not much of a competition there.

One day, I will bring you to 'atas'. As you always want & keep repeating as you saw my face.
And the only thing you noticed from RM 10 note. What an eye you have. 
(atas = aeroplane)

Well. That's it. Don't write long because you don't bother to read.
You don't even bother to talk to me over the phone.

Pesanan utk ammer:
1. Don't be afraid of cats. Because that is so pondan.
2. Don't cry. U look ugly when u are crying
3. Behave. Stubborn & naughty is not cool anymore.
4. Don't give your mother any hard time. She is my sister okayy.

Mama Cu sayang ammer. Ammer sayang cu tak?
Miss u darl.


  1. olololoo~
    konon makcik yg baik la ni..
    comel oooo ammer.. XD
    sheqa, beranak kn baby tok kte..

  2. ameeer ameeer...i lev u toooooooooo

    one..~one..two....~two...three....~~~(speechless sbb xgeti ckp three)....smiiiiiile....yaaaaayyy

    pesanan tuk amer = ui amer,dah 3 tahon,kene geti ckp three dah tao!

    cekah u r sooooo sweeeeet la......aku teharu bg pehak amer

  3. so cute nephew. wish to have cute kids~ :)

  4. faroh: bukan konon2 la. huhu. beranakkn baby? haa.. kau nk anak kau cntik cm aku eh? hahaahh..

    captain anjang: ehe. ammer da tau ckp 3 da. dia da schoool skrg. hee

    epinmiera: jgn risau. anak kau nnti cute tk mcm kau. heee..

  5. aik?kalo tak mcm aku,mcm sape lg?

  6. epinmiera: mcm kau tp versi comel sikit.


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