Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey Hey Cepat Mengumpat Saya!

So, I've been thinking of doing something good to myself.
I'm doing evaluation of myself.

But sometimes we miss things that are truly obvious in front of our eyes, comes out from our own mouth and etc...
So I need my friends, families & those who know me even in a single meeting.. to speak out of things that u think of me. About me. Anything about me.
And No, this is not mengumpat as in the title.

So I created this form below for you guys to fill in the things about me. This will go straight to my email. So no one but me is going to read them. And I will not know who you are unless u leave a name.

Either negative or positive. I'm looking forward to read 'bad' things about me. After all, it wasn't that hard isn't it. Hehe.

I just need to evaluate myself.
I'm not sure for how long this 'reflection' thing is going on. But the max is a month. So, grab your chance to CONFRONT me and say things u really need to say about me. No offense.. No hard feelings..
Please help me doing so and be honest.
Thank You for helping me become a better man.

Dah baca kena isi form ni eh! Jangan nak tangguh2!! Isi sekarang! 

Not everyday u can spill the beans.. Do it now..!

Nicknames maybe..or no
What do you think of me?
Who are u to me? Schoolmate, housemate etc.. (u
can leave it blank if u want)
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You Just Dont Know


  1. what's the purpose la? nanti kalau ada org cakap benda yg tak berapa best, kan nanti sakit ati...

  2. tkpe la. itu la namanya evaluation. the truth is always ugly. kena la cuba terima critics..

  3. aku rasa ko lah owg pertama kat dunia buat menatang ni.. hahahaha

  4. salam perkenalan,

    minta linknya ya utk diletakkan di blog, dan minta diletakkan link aku juga di blog ko. dan juga sama-sama jadi follower satu sama lain.

    sama2 boleh berkongsi ilmu dan pandangan,:)

    batch 06


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