Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gedik Gedak Geduk..~

Rasanya mcm da lama sgt kot aku letak poll yg suro org ramai vote tu.

What makes u hate a girl?
Gedik??..Unstoppable Mouth??..Bad Behaviour??..Liar!??..

Pastu ade bpe ketol je yg vote utk soalan aku tu. sedih~

Then, 60+% voted for GEDIK..
Kire ok la tu.

So, what is the real thing or facts abt 'gedik' girl?
Is she way too manja?
Is she a heartbreaker??
Is she someone that love the attention?
Is she someone that so-into-boys?

Well, I dunno why people give that gedik description to the girls. Is there anybody know where did they get the word 'gedik'?
I googled up the word 'gedik'. And down came all the malay porn websites with the word 'gedik'. Which is horrible. I never really thought a gedik is strongly associated with porns and sexual tingy. I tot gedik girls are just gedik girls. They just meant to be 'tergedik-gedik' because possibly they have nothing better to do. Duhh.
How far would gedik girls can go? Would they give up their own respects and dignity or even humanity to achieve their 'who-knows' mission?
And as people and girls are b****ing about gedik girls..
There are still many out there that are trying to be gedik as best as they can.
Weird eh?
Still. I can't really figure out what are true gedik girls should look like. or act like what. it is really subjective, and some people might even say i, myself is a gedik person.
Well, in my mind, gedik is more like Paris Hilton kot. And she did get the limelight for being one.
In the end, it is the mind and the brain that should be working on what is good and what is not.

Women or girls are not objects. We are human. We are not supposed to be made as 'geli-geli' as many people would say. As bad as a girl can be, she is still a girl. A sane human. Has the right to be respected.

If you are a gedik, but know how to act like a sane human being, and has some respects to yourself, then u should just live your life.

Reported from Anas b. Malik, the Prophet said: "Girls are models of affection and sympathy and a blessing to the family. If a person has one daughter, God will screen him from the fire of hell owing to his daughter; if he has two daughters, God will admit him to paradise; if he has three, God will exempt him from the obligation of charity and Jehad."
(Kanz al-Ummal:277).
(Women in Islam by M. Mazheruddin Siddiqi)

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