Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tagged by Firdaus (FB): The 25 Tingy Abt Myself

1. My name is Shafiqah Abdullah
2. I live in JB
3. I love cats
4. I love pink. both the color and the singer.
5. I am so fortunate in my life. although not always.
6. I have 2 elder sisters; Kak Iti n Kak Mia.
7. I have a nephew, Ammer and a niece, Aleeyah.
8. I want to go to Italy
9. I want to be rich. bole tk?
10. I donno how to ride a bicycle
11. I donno how to swim
12. I snore
13. I sleep with my eyes open
14. I tend to waste most of my time
15. I am hoping that I can be a real and good doctor one day.
16. I love chocolate
17. I want to travel around the world
18. I don't like fighting
19. I hate when people got angry with me with no good reasons.
20. I love getting pressies from people
21. I love to gossip with my friends and hanging out together at Roibo
22. I love good-taste cakes.
23. I think I'm good in languages
24. I malas nk mandi
25. There are more than 25 tings in my life

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