Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie & Love

I just came back from watching Harry Potter half blood snape or watever it is. On my way out of the hall, I saw this girl fixing her BALD boyfriend's hair. well, he's not really that bald, but little hair that no need to be fixed after all. it's just quite funny how silly we can be when it comes to love. when u are not in love, everything about 'love' always seems to go wrong and funny and miserable. i don't remember myself 'in love'. was i ever fall in love at all??
Now it's july. Bandung is getting colder. and might be a season of love to some of my friends. good luck to u guys.
Back to movies..i love watching movies. although, i dozed off a second or two during the show today. i love the cinema. the seats, the's like halfway to luxury.. but it's not. my mother don't really like the idea of watching movies as a hang-out activities. she hates the cinema. but who can't resist watching movies with almost half of the normal price with the privilege of student cards..and the very cheap fee of Rp10,000 during weekdays which when converted to RM it's only RM3.00++..?? cheaper than a pirated DVD in malaysia eh i suppose.. back again later.. need to finish my reading on One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell.. hmm.. wat am i? a medical student or a columnist????

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