Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet & Sour

We are not perfect.. yes..
But we are not damaged..
We are sour..
But there's always sweetness somewhere..

We do this..
You do that..
That makes you and us fair & just..
Equal and neutral.
Should we find truce from that?

The perception is free from error..
Was put right..
But we are uncertain..
We know what you know..
But it's so rigid and solid..
That makes it tough to digest..

Because people tend to know..
But more live in denial..
Desiring to be the one and only..
Wishing to do what they fancy..
Putting aside the feeling of sorry..
To themselves..

It's a matter of time..
It'a a matter of mind..
You may have flourish in your own way..
We may be still finding our own path..

Best wishes to us..
Hoping the truth not putting us apart..
Because we are one..

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