Thursday, September 24, 2009

so much for RM150 passport...

phew..puhhh..<< an attempt to blow away dusts on my so-long-abandoned blog. hehe..
so. i need to renew my passport since i wont have the chance later.
i went to wisma persekutuan with abah around 10 a.m or so.
i put on some make up because i planned to renew my IC too. so, i definitely want my IC photo looks.. OK..than before.
i found out on the internet that students that study abroad may have the privilege of applying passport with the price of RM150..which is half the original price.
when i arrived there...we went to tingkat 1. then i show my offer letter from MARA to an officer there as a proof. then the officer asked me to photocopy the letter, my IC and get an application form downstairs. off i went..
then, i came up back, took my number, and wait....
then.."0199" appeared from the board number.
an officer name Riana -almost sounds like rihanna- was in-charged.
i gave copies of the letter and etc..
then the officer refer to the supervisor at the back. then the supervisor refer to the 'other' supervisor in a room.
then the supervisor told me that i need to produce some 'black & white' letter or proof that i AM still studying in Indonesia.
the problem is, I am already studying in Indonesia and this is not my first-time passport as an oversea student.(oversea la sgt)..
i showed my student card, but they said my student card doesn't have an exact validity date. and the sup of the sup said that, student card might not be returned even when you was out from the university. then the sup of the sup said. "u nk dpt diskaun bkn sng tau.. mcm ni la. susah2 u pergi jumpa pn. zaharah kt bahagian penyerahan'.. off i went to 'penyerahan'..
i went to an officer there and asked for pn. zaharah. then i waited for 5mins. then the officer said, "pn. zaharah ada kt sana (tempat tadi permohonan pasport).awk pergi kaunter 9 cube tnye ade nmpk die tk.".. cess...
then i went to 'permohonan' and said.."pn. zaharah takde. org kat sna kata die kat sini"..
then the sup went inside and came out and said, "pn. zaharah kat tingkat 8. awk tunggu kejap"..
waited for few minutes...tadaa.. there u are pn. zaharah..
then i went inside the office..and met pn. zaharah. again, i showed my 'stuff' as a proof i am a student in Indonesia.
Pn. zaharah said, we need more a letter from your university. i explained the same thing like before. my faculty is on holiday the whole week.
'awak ckp mmg mmg susah sikit nak dpt rebate'...
i called tony from PADMA and he said 'bisa di kasi suratnya, tapi nnti on monday. faculty is closed for one week'..cess. membazir kredit.
then in the end pn zaharah said 'awk ada tiket balik indonesia tk?'.. damn.. nk naik flight pn aku tk bwk itinerary..
then..i called air asia to email me my itinerary. on the meantime, abah called awang, a friend of his that used to work there.
then awang arrived, but my email still hadn't receive the itinerary. then we went upstairs, jabatan imigresen...and met another officer..a 'bigger' officer. then, the officer called pn. zaharah and asked her about my case. hahahahha.. i got the same solution as before, which is, 'find my tix confirmation'..
then, off i went with abah to danga bay, to air asia sales office to get my itinerary.. then we got back to wisma and to the 'permohonan pasport'.. took a number and to a counter..i produce my itinerary, then the officer asked me to photocopy my student card. pulakk.. i went downstairs to photocopy.. then, the photocopy machine buat hal pulak.. waited for abt 10 mins.. got my copy of student card..then went up back... haahhhhh..
the fusses stop here. at last...... a RM150 passport was purchased!!
nasib baik officer ok2 and nak layan aku. huhu.
then. konon2 to spend another 2hrs waiting for the passport, i went to 'pejabat pendaftaran' to pursue my dream of having a nice IC of my own. then, wrote in big letters - no giliran utk mykad HABIS..sila dtg esok pagi-... blurttt... mmbazir make up..balik umah sudah. lapaa

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