Monday, August 17, 2009

Just to fill in the blank..

>This blog is temporary under construction<
The real thing is: I am a lazy blog writer who is way too lazy to think about wat to write.
Then why did I created a blog at the first place?
- because I have this bad habit of 'lack of compliance'. At that moment, I have this konon2 lots of idea what to write rather than talk to myself mcm org gila.

The thing is, whenever I have this urge or intention or motivation to do something, it always fade away. Let's say:

1. I always wanted to do a regular exercise just to get a nice flat abs. Ive tried twice (few minutes of push-ups) with the help of my friends..It lasted for at least 2weeks then.. So, none succeed. Few weeks ago, I've tried doing dancing 'syok sendiri' that is promising-flat tummy-as said in the ad and comments. But, the videos are resting in peace in my lappy.

2. Since before I moved in to my rumah kontrakan, I dreamed of growing fruit trees or vege plants. I even bought a pack of petola seed from a pasar in Shah Alam. But up until now,(2mos already), my association with the trees & soil is cleaning up the grasses in front of my house and snap off some serai(lemongrass eh?) across my house. (serai bukan tanam sdiri pun)..BTW, I even forgot where did I put that petola seed..hehe..

3. Everytime I started a new study semester or course or watever starter, I always have this 'new spirit' resolution, to study well, to sleep less, to spend less on the internet...and so on.. But,..I slept like a baby! Long hours.. hmphh.. Wat to do? wat to do??

I have this new 'semangat' of decorating my room with lots of colors and motivational word or 'ayat sedar diri'.Macam dalam classroom sekolah rendah dulu.-USAHA TANGGA KEJAYAAN-.To remind myself of myself..Hope it will work out as planned.
Where my discipline had gone??
Bai Bai.. Exam lusa.. Ni tk compliance la ni..Time2 mcm ni la nak buat blog. Cehh..

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