Sunday, November 29, 2009


saya ex-student smakj.
I am an ex-student of smakj. (lagi mau translate..)
SMAKJ: Sek. Men. Agama Kerajaan Johor (2002-2005)

sekolah ini bukanlah sekolah handalan yg famous gila.
but known well enough by Johoreans who schools in SMAs.
throughout my school year in SMAKJ, of course, there was sweets & bitters everywhere.
the school is good, adequate, and well-supplied with good teachers.
what i mean by adequate is, its wholesome; dunya wal akhirah.
the product?

i came across to few blogs, myspace, facebook accounts of ex-smakjs.
the conclusion i get: although we sat in a same class, listened to the very same teachers, get dressed with the same school uniforms, and been taught the same lessons
---all that was just ain't enough to make 2 people alike.
i learned that; never judge someone from where they came from.
indeed, never judge anyone at all~..

some people:
"jangan anta anak kau gi skola tu, skola tu terok. prangai bdk2 semua buruk."

oh. jangan. just because a person u know has failed to show great manners of a definite community, u can't simply judge. don't change from A person to ALL people.

some smakjians are well-accomplished. blogs full of remarkable thoughts. ingatkan ustaz, ustazah mana. rupanya kawan aku sebelah almari. proud of them.

post ini takde kena mengena sgt pn dgn smakj.
saje buat sbb nnti kalau ade org google 'SMAKJ', keluarla blog ni. haha.

but 'very sad' when people who know more about faith & religion, left them all..
for the sake of the world.
for the sake of love.
for the sake of other people.
for the sake of beauty.
for the sake of desire & satisfaction.
people do make mistakes, but don't go 'that' far.
far enough to ruin a 'well-baked' cake. (you are the cake)
god knows what 'far' is..

all and all.

let me remind me of myself!

*aku rasa 15th gent paling tk glamour dalam dunia internet ni.


  1. haha mantap la ko sheqa..
    aku suke entry nih..
    15th gent bukan x glemer dlm dunia tenet nih..
    tapi dorg sendirik2..
    cam 13th gent kan dorg siap wat komuniti dorg..
    tuh nampak cam feymes..

  2. TAPI AKU NAK PAMES GAK!!! sapa rajin mempemeskan gen15 ni???

  3. hyE syeqa k.udd here..
    remember x?
    aKk TerjupE blOg sYeqa ni...
    aKk tertaRik tntG smaKJ posT ni...


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