Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boycott Israel: How to make people around you do the same?

Israel Laknatullah..
There are people out there, Muslims in particular who haven't open their eyes and start do something about the Gaza, Palestine issues. Here are some ways you can do to help them:

1. When you see a friend holding a Coca-cola can, bulge your eyes, twitch your mouth and try to make a 'jijik' face the best you can.

2. When someone really close to you (like sister..hehe) demanding to have Israel products, you bulge your eyes again, say 'No' and if they insist, you can try a bit of violence (bite softly, hit mildly, pinch seriously) on them to stop them doing so. It is better to do it in public so he/she will get embarrassed.

3. Istighfar for 3 times, and pray loudly with your eyes looking up to the sky, 'Ya Allah Ya Rabb, may you show the right path for this friend of mine, so that he will stop helping the Israels instead of the Palestinians. Israel Laknatullah'. It is best if you can try to well your eyes a bit. Make it dramatic.

4. When a friend is consuming or using the 'jinx' products, you hold the container, pretend that you are interested in that product, and try to make him offer you to try the products, and you should say, "Is this good? Whose product is this?" Fumble a bit and.. "Oh my god! This is Israel's! You actually using/eat this? God forgive me.. and YOU!".
Malay version. "Ya Allah! Barang Israel ni! Kau guna/makan benda ni? Semoga Allah ampunkan aku..dan KAU!". And put that thing away far from you.

5. A friend is drinking from Starbucks cup, and you simply say, "Oh. I'm thirsty.." or "I need a drink". Then if she/he offers you the drink in his/her hand, and you should reply, "Eww.. I don't drink Israels! Gross!" or "Yucks! I'm allergic to Israel's!". Don't forget to make ogre-like face.
Malay version. "Eyuuuww. Aku tak minum Israel! Jijik!" atau "Yekk. Aku allergic dgn Israel!

Hey hey. We should prove that we can live without those Laknatullah & their products. Even if it costs something & need you to sacrifice something, we should always remember, God is always there to help us! What goes around comes around! Buy safely people!


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  2. wah..clap clap..hehe..slamat starbuck mhl, coke mhl..kedekut skit nk bli. ;)


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