Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Ida, Lovely Cousin Ever!

The above title is referred.
Ida is my cousin.
I practically know her my entire life.
She's 22 this year!
Time fly fast.

When we were young, so young, we bathe together at her home. We covered the drain in the bathroom with something, then we flooded the bathroom with water. And then, we sprinkled detergents all over, and SPLASH! we were actually had our own bubble party together. It was awesome! I really love & enjoy that thing -at that moment.

We played dolls together, collected mini set of tea, played in the playground. I remember that we were so looking forward to go to the sundry shop at the opposite block.

And when I went to school in Kluang, it was kinda hard to keep in touch regularly. So we sent letters! Classic isn't it! I remembered most of your envelopes was yellow. And you wrote in that, addressing the warden not to hold back the letter, since all letters to student were read firsthand & censored by the wardens. You even wrote poems Ida! Your handwritings are chubby. I still kept the letters ok..

We grew up & old. We spent our outings in Eastpoint. Had Burger King. Played in the arcade. Went to This Fashion. Oh you had your hair permed in Kg. Melayu salon. It was kinda disaster wasn't it.

Then there were times we spent our nights out at Clarke Quay. Bitching people as they passed by. And we went to Esplanade. It was like a tour in Singapore. Hey, I wanna do that again!

And we took care of nenek when she was sick. And we came back home late night, and my mom had called Cik Munah dozen times.

You are a wonderful cousin Ida! Now & Then..
Have a wonderful and joyous life.

    This was long time ago!

 You painted this in Paint in my laptop, and asked me not to delete it. When we were in Port Dickson. Here it is!!

Love ya lots!


  1. woah ase nk nanges bc!! tp xde sorg pom dlm donie ni nk dedicatekn speech sweet cmtu ktku =O

  2. the part where you blocked the drain & flooded the bathroom was originally initiated by yours truly & siti radhiah ok.. we are the pioneers for that whole flood-the-bathroom-and-bath-together-thing! those were the days!
    (btw, kau berbual mcm kau dah tua gila! mcm dah umur 40 & looking back during the young days! puhleez girl.. you're only 21! huahuahuahu)

  3. fadz: haha. tunggu bday kau nnti aku buat ye. hehe

    kak iti: well.. i said grow old. by that, doesn't mean i'm old. heeeeeeee.

  4. Babe!!! Thank soo Much ! OMG !! Im soo touched i can cry. hehehe.. You're the best cousin ever !
    And guess what i get from my birthday, ITOUCH ! from zuhri. heheh..
    I love you babe !


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