Tuesday, December 22, 2009

10 Things I Still Remember

Darjah 3!
When I was a kid..

1. I cried when my mother just came back from Mekah in 1992. Because I thought, mommy was about to fly to Mekah, not flew back.

2. I peed in my pants, when I was 3 years old in a rental car in Langkawi..with my father permission. He was engrossed with monkey-picture-taking..

3. When I just learned to read, I read the newspaper headline and shouted to my mother.."Mak!! Rogol tu ape??"..

When in primary school..

4. I hated school, and cried and begged not to go to school. I was scared with a teacher named Ustaz Nizam. I stopped crying when he quits.

5. Once, when I was Primary 4 kot, I vomited at one end of a classroom on my way to the toilet. I left the vomitus, made my way to the toilet, and ACT like it was not my own vomit. Disgusting!!

6. My sister & my father, when they picked me up after school, told me I smelled like an 'egg'. Which is yuckss! but I was just a kid who schooled from 8 to 4 with lots of running, jumping & playing..

7. I always love playing buaya-buaya.

8. On fridays, when the boys went for solat Jumaat, we sometimes played kawin-kawin, in which we used telekung as a veil. huhu. and girls as bride & groom.

9. I wrote a pantun, as a 'keceriaan' kelas which says something about pursuing to a 'universitas'(in desperation to rhyme the pantun with S-end).Now, i really end up in a universitas in indonesia. duhh..thanks to the pantun.

10. I always think I will not live long. I think I will die before I reach 20. Now, tadaa!!. I'm turning 21 soon. Thanks to God.

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