Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy BigDay Sister..

Happy Birthday to Kak Mia.. my beloved sis.

I don't care if you find this post lame. It's my blog, suka hati iqah la!

Why I HATE her..

9. Grumpy when it comes to sleep. Either she is about to sleep OR about to wake up from sleep..Stay away from her.

10. Obsessed with work. Don't even make time to send me off to airport.

88. Always buy nice things on sales & discounts..and forgot about me. The only adorable little sister she has.

43. She rarely ever give me pocket money.

55. Load up pictures of us, in which she looks 'gorgeous' & my look..totally out of question. 

Why I LOVE her..

17. She is my sister. It is a must to love your family. hee.

82. She always gave me her stuffs. Unwanted ones usually.

03. She is scarily funny at times.

34. She always gave me a lift home when I went to JB town. (Because her office is there)

95. She tells me things, which makes me feel important.

61. She is a good girl. But can be irritating sometimes.

About me & my sister.

One. I know we love each other. Because who else we gonna love?

Two. We play tengok-jeling after prayers & other occasions. Which she tries to hate because she said she is a grown up. Duhh..

Three. She hates my singing.

Four. We go shopping (or window shopping) & hang out together when we have no one else to find. Hee.

Happy birthday to you.
Enjoy your life.
Be a good girl.
Boys are plain lame. No worry about them.
Love me & the whole family.


  1. soooo sweeeet .jelesh!!!!!hepi bedei kak mia!

  2. Thanks adeq!appreciate it so much!!!it has sure made me cry!!!hahaha..xoxo


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