Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Better Man?

So, things are going quite rough for the muslims today. With Palestine being attack savagely. And people thoughtfully have send emails, forward messages to pray for the victims in there. It is kind of hurtful if someone ignore all this messages and not even take a minute to understand what it is all about especially when they are actually a muslim too? Some of you might find this silly. But there are actually people out there who never really care. All they care about is their own life that they think are the worst ever. Did they ever imagine themselves at those victims places? I sometimes want to yell aloud at people who keeps whining about how sad and dreadful their life is. About how their fats showing, how hideous they are, and even how ugly their bags are! I mean, look around you! There are more lives out there suffering than your silly old bag. There are more people out there who actually want to have some fat you actually have.
Ignorance.. Some people like to be ignored or they themselves ignore others. Both are bad. We actually living in this world by other people favors. You cannot live your life all alone. People have to mingle around and digest in some good advises. What's wrong in being a better man? Be thoughtful.. Be wiser..

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