Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Stinks!

Body odor.. Oooooo..yeah.. I hate body odor!!
I mean, why on earth those people who have that sickening BO never realize abt wat they are having? Or..they just ignore the 'problem'to the fact, it's natural!..
nO!! it's not natural when you have body odor AND u ignore it! and u let people around u 'enjoy' your stinky smell!! YUCKSSS!!
I do have that bad smells at times. after a long day and works..but then, i try my best to cover it up and get over it by taking my BATH.. and what makes me really sick is people who have a 'constant' BO looks like they never know they are making me and other people fainting!
My good friend, Atiq, once said, "Atiq pelik la.. kenapa orang tk boleh bau yg die tu busuk?? Atiq bole je bau kalau Atiq busuk.."..haha.. btol tu atiq. They walk, they joke, they talk with their BO flying around and does not have any initiative to overcome it.
It's ok la if you sometimes have that BO at the end of the day. it's normal. And it is better when you announce that your BO is attacking and warn those people around you.

Diorang tk bole bau ke badan die bau tengik?
Mcm mana diorng bole tido, makan dan blaja dgn bau yg dorg ade?
adekah mereka dah immune dgn bau mereka?
ataupun, adekah mereka suka dan enjoy bau mereka itu?
mereka ade masalah hidung ke?
mak bapak dorg, adek bradek, bofren, gefren tade ke tego dorg busok? kalau kakak aku entam je. ckp aku bawu cam telor..

What is so hard to know whether u smells or not? Just lift your arm and smell your armpit!! And don't say.'eeww..disgusting..! when you yourself have that disgusting smell. Start smelling your own BO before it kills someone!!~

It may be a bit shameful and hard-to-say, but it is even better if you ask your friends about your BO..because they are the one who smells you..

And those with bad breath also make 'my eyes rolling'! Smell your own breath! Or to those insects around you..See if they die..

Sometimes I feel like wanting to send secret anonymous letters to those with bad BO and spit it all out about how annoying is their 'natural perfume..'..


  1. eih . ape ni??? urup u je??????? koya pe hahahaa

  2. hahaa...tesalah send mule2 tuh..

  3. aaa ni brula btoi . aku ske isu neh . aku arap sape2 y ase drinye bsuk 2 cptla2 g mndi hahaaa . kalo xmo,meh aku tulun mndikan kakakaa . makhluk palen bsuk dlm donia = dak laki


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