Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have Some Softener..

I asked a friend of mine, Yana, the one who always calls me 'Mak Tiri', "Kau guna softener tak untuk basuh baju?". Yana replied, " Guna, nk kasi wangi..".
Once Su desperately wanted to have some softener and took Akmal's and left a stick-note to her, 'Aku amik softner kau sikit'.. And the note stuck at Akmal's door for days..
From the name itself, the softener is used to soften your clothes and as a side effect, make them smell lovely. I love using the softener too, but then sometimes got too lazy to trouble myself. Because I think, without the softener, my clothes won't be that stinks.

So, have you ever think to put some softener to your heart and soul? Is there ANY softener for it? How do you know whether your heart is soft, hard or semi-soft or semi-hard or whatsoever it is? Being a soft-heart person doesn't mean you cry every time you watch a drama or saying 'yes' to everything and become a 'pak turut' or 'mak turut'. It is more about how you take in good things into your life and try to become a good person.
And what are the reason for you to have a soft heart, when you already have a good life with a bad one? Get what I mean? NVM.. I think, being a soft-heart is almost a start for everything. With a soft heart being in there with you, there will be no fight, no yelling, no lies, no drugs, no murder, no bribes, no corruption, no war! And of course, some might say, 'Nobody is Perfect', and those nasty things are the colors of life. But please, don't choose yourself to put those nasty colors that will ruin yourself and others. Life is short. Life is about being a good servant to the God. There's no point of being a bad person when you know you can be a good one.

Still, it's your life. You can choose whether you want to have a good heart or a bad one. There will be other people that will go to the same path you chose. So, there's no worry. Just like softener. It's up to you, whether you want to use them for your clothes or not. But then, having your clothes soft and smell good is much more better than having a stink and 'bau hapak' clothes. Your heart, you choose..~
And you cannot simply have a 'good heart' by eating Quaker Oat ok!!

Your Heart Is Hard Enough When You..

1. Malas Melakukan Kataatan dan Amal Kebaikan
2. Tidak Tersentuh Oleh Ayat Al-Qur’an
3. Tidak Tersentuh dengan Ayat Kauniyah (pengajaran)
4. Berlebihan Mencintai Dunia dan Melupakan Akhirat
5. Kurang Mengagungkan Allah
6. Kegersangan Hati (Tidak Tenang)
7. Kemaksiatan Berantai

PS: A happy birthday wish to my good friend Afiq Jaffaran. You're 20! May a wonderful life awaits you!

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