Sunday, January 4, 2009

Poor Little Cats..

My dad once told me that or actually warn me, don't call the cats(the usual rhyme that ppl use) like u are going to feed them, when u have actually no food to offer.. it's just cruel. Animals do have feelings. Treat them well. I really hate it when seeing people happily hit stray cats like they are some kind of an untreated disease. Yes, cats do bring about diseases, but so do people around you. Would u hit those other people too?

Talking abt cats. I have this weird female cat back at home which ate her own baby kitten. Yucks! I am not sure whether the kitten already dead by the time the mother started to eat her, but is disgusting. And my dad said the mother finished her baby leaving only the head! Eww.. Gross.. My sister can't even stand looking at the pictures I took.. What is happening to world? Even the cats are getting weird. Hm.. Here's the pic..

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  1. cianny ank kuceng uh..
    jhtny btol kuceng beso uh!


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