Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks For Remembering My Day..

usually my bday will went all plain..and no special occasion. but this 20th birthday of mine really thoughtful and left a good memory for me.
on the night of my bday, tety, amal and zub came to my room and singing 'happy bday' happily while i was stuck in front of my lappie..they got me a night gown.. and then came like a stampede my 'girls' joining the singing with some of them just contributed the noise with clapping their hands..hehe..-->special to farah liana..
i was a bit disappointed actually. because the 'girls' didn't get me anything for my birthday..but i figured, they might get me a piece of 'berkat' cake the next day..hmm..

morning of 24th january: i woke up as usual..nothing less nothing more. postponed my usual also. then around 9.30 am i went to farah liana's room to find her all dressed up. and she told me she's going to jatos..all alone..! and suddenly, almost everybody was all dressed. tika and yana gave the same reason that they are going to buy some bread..while pah said she's going for breakfast which is not exactly what she always did..with herself all well dressed up. and then, i brought my already fungus-contaminated-bread and margarine to farah liana's room and suddenly the 'girls' came and said "jom!"..and i was like..what happened? then suddenly everybody was rushing me out, and I, luckily had the opportunity to change into my jeans went with them to somewhere..(yeah..i am not writing the 'vital' part of the story girls..!)
and surprise!!they celebrated my bday at a swimming has an all-girls part. which is great. we enjoyed the 'swimming' and shouting like there was no other people there. hehe..
and then we went to jatos around 12 and had our lunches. and i was happy. very happy..i thought it stopped there. but i was wrong..while having my dinner with akmal, they brought out a cake! and it's not berkat's! it was a nice cake with a slice of peach on top of it. and it's delicious! and then i got a cute drink bottle from ema, a teddy bear from yana, a set of love letter from fadz, a room freshener from pah and elmi, a cute purple mug from su..thank u guys..
25th jan..pah and yana, once in a blue moon was cooking some rice and told me they are going to cook tomyam..duhh..and after isyak..they all told me there will be a meeting later, which is clear on their face..they were lying! u guys are bad at lying la girls..and tadaaa~ there were a surprise celebration for me, aminah and fikri..the old people..huhu..
so..3 surprises for a bday! thank u..
and a big thanks to others who did remembered my bday..
my cousin, sister, kak mommy..atiq..ungku fatimah..nazri..tina..izzah..raja..kak curang..afiq..all the girls here..and those who gave bday comments on my facebook, myspace, fster, ym, etc.. thanks a lot!


  1. bedei palem sengal (nonstpable laughing in a whole day!!) n xsnunuh (xpki vital outfit) n pnuh maksiat (mnipu mcm2 tuk klentong ko) . hahaahhaaa

  2. eh...coment 2 bkn cekah tls sniri ep .aku ni ha gne profile dye . kekee -----------fadzreen


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