Sunday, January 4, 2009

Urban Legends : Rumor Has It

Based from somewhere..urban legend is..
Definition: An apocryphal, secondhand story told as true and plausible enough to be believed, about some horrific, embarrassing, ironic, or exasperating series of events that supposedly happened to a real person. be is stories or legends or so-called facts that are not true..
i notice nowadays, ppl are easily hoaxed by all these urban legends.. i am not discussing whether Puteri Gunung Ledang or Sangkuriang of Tangkuban Perahu is really exist or not. Rite now is abt the new version of myths and lies.. For example: the stories abt some girls in singapore who got raped and had been given pills called Rohypnol and Progesterex.. I google this thing ( some of my friends call me 'miss google) and found out it's a myth.. Rohypnol do exist..but the scarier Progesterex are unknown n nowhere to be found.

What bothers me is that, ppl are so easily dumbfounded that they instantly copy these 'facts' and forward them to their friends..without knowing whether it is true or not. so, mybe most of them are being nice and thoughtful to warn their girlfriends of the dangers around them..but.. come on..expand something exact and precise..stop being someone who keeps nodding to everything...up until when my dear? more thing.. abt forward messages..especially those islamic-like messages that down in the end saying.. 'plz forward this to 10 ppl..or else u will have a bad year or watsoever that is bad laa..'.. Can it be right? It is a good thing to post and give these kind of good advises especially abt our beloved religion..but plz.. forget the last sentence. Islam is not a religion that forcing its followers.. It is a safe and peace religion.

And be careful when spreading words of Islam..If it's wrong, it might hurt ur Iman and Tauhid.. And recently and all-times fav spread-the-words are the word 'BYE'.. they say u cannot use that word any longer bcos it gives bad meaning. but i read it from someone's blog who is studying in Egypt, kids there normally call their dad as 'ya babi..ya babi..'(originally 'abi'). So, do we have to stop them addressing their fathers 'babi' just becos in malay it means pig?
Same goes to the word 'bye'. We use it as part of our daily conversation. what is more important is our intention or 'niat'..~

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