Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Secrets..Do you have one?

I just finished reading Can You Keep A Secret? It is a nice, heartwarming book. I do learn something from that book. So, can u keep a little secret from everybody? When people hissing around to people close to them and say, 'it's a secret..', does it really can be considered as a secret? To the fact that they actually already told 'someone' their secret, it shouldn't be called as a secret, isn't it? So what is secret is all about? And why actually people keep things as a secret? I think, the less secrets you keep, the easier the life goes. Secrets will bring people to lie. And lying is not a good thing, for sure. But then, it's life we are talking about. Secrets are everywhere. And there are people who love to have secrets, and people who love to nose about secrets of others (like what i used to be..before..).. And one more thing I just don't quite really get is why people are so ashamed of picking up their nose? And the fact that people might know they did so? It's just an innocent, nice looking nose and there are clusters of dusts in there and you just want to pick it out from your nose? Is that a crime? I think people should be more ashamed of doing drugs and alcohols or whatsoever than picking up their little nose.. It's just a nose and some dusts.. maybe someday i will make a campaign to support picking up your's healthy rite?

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