Saturday, January 31, 2009

ZzZzZz.. Wake Up!!

Sleeping is vital rite?
And all my life till now I am so well-known who sleeps the most.
I don't know what is wrong with me. Since I was in primary school I sleep a lot in my classes. Yeah..I am a sleepy head particularly when I am in class with the present of teachers.

I sat on the second row when I was in Primary 6. 2nd row means FRONT. But I..Sleep..
I held up my book so that it stands, and slept behind it while Ustazah Rohaya was teaching Pendidikan Teras Islam. And she obviously saw me sleeping..But she ignored me. Huhu..

When I was in Form 1, I slept during my final exam. If I am not mistaken, it was History paper. Cikgu Abby was on duty that time. And I slept!..Not because I am so confident, but I fell asleep and no one woke me up..Worse to worse..I hadn't finished answering all questions. And when I woke up, the time was up! Haha.. And result was out. I almost failed the paper. It was D I guess. Well, at least I passed!~

And also, during Darjah Khas year.. I only came to school for 3 days in a whole complete year. One day I came to school..And guess what..I fell asleep..It left 2 days which one of it is the registration day, and the other one day was oral exam day.. So, it's better to sleep in my dorm rather than sleeping in classes eh?
My story doesn't end here..

When I was sitting for my PMR, I slept during geography paper. And I hadn't answered more than half of the questions. And again, NO ONE woke me up. Not even the examination prefects. When I woke up, there was only 15 minutes left. And I was sweating and started answering all the questions like I was in a marathon.. Lucky me, I had enough time to answer all the questions but of course, without even had a second look.. Thank God..Really really THANK God. I got an A for that 'marathon' paper.

When I was in Matriculation College, I woke up one friday morning late for a laboratory class. But I had a friend with me, a roommate who happened to be in the same class with me, and who happened to woke up late every morning..(Qila).. The class started at 10 am. And we slept like a pair of sleeping beauty, until one of our classmate, Nai and Mas called both of us at a same time. Hehe.. We went to class without taking our baths.! Ngee..

When I was in Form 4, my classmates always referring to me if they want to sleep. If I am asleep, than it is ok for them to sleep. I was like some kind of an 'initiator' or a plug for them to sleep. Like if I sleep, then they have 'kawan' or 'geng' to sleep. Am I a sleeping partner eh? huhu..
Maybe my brain is processing like this..
Teacher is a sleeping fairy..
Physics are bedtime stories..
Lectures are lullabies..
And sweets are barbiturat?? Because they don't wake me up even a bit.

I also have the ability to sleep standing!~ When I was in Form 1, the monday assembly is so boring rite.. So I sleep standing until Kak Ismizah woke me up. Thought I was unconscious eh?
Sorry to everybody who I had harmed, or will harm because of me being a sleepy head.
Sorry teachers! ..

Some of my friends really fond of taking my pics while I fell asleep. Ngehee.. And those pictures are scarily hideous. And some even say(ema), my eyelashes looks like erecting whenever I am sleepy. Hee..

And my friends once awarded me with the nick "Queen of Turu.. And I also received the award for ' 'Best Female Sleepy Head' during my school reunion party.

Well. Really hope my undefined habit will not become more hazardous in Indonesia here. Huhu..

Weird mE..~

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